Why did you pick StitchMob?

I've seen the sample shirts, touched and felt the fabrics. They are really really good. There's a lot of effort put in. This kind of thoughtfulness spells designer. That differentiates StitchMob from many others.

What do you like about it so far?

Firstly, the designs look nice on the stimulators, but the actual products are even better! It's a one-stop solution platform. A hassle free platform for me, from print to delivery to customers. It takes away the bulk of logistics worries and enables me to work from home or overseas.


“A hassle free platform for me, from print to delivery to customers.”


I also like to check out other designers' works which are refreshing and interesting. Great feeling to see what overseas peeps are coming up with.

What inspires your designs?

Coming from a film background and travelling a fair bit, my designs bear characteristics of romanticism, all reflections of my interactions and expressions during travels, with creator, creations, thoughts and dialogues.

Why do you want to be a designer?

It was a very organic shift. I wanted to travel while earning at the same time. My ideal work office is on a hammock under coconut trees and drinking banana chocolate shake. I didn't have a flair for writing so I can't travel write. I "write" with my eyes, so the next best thing was to be a designer. "Fashion design" came along only when I was addicted to shopping on China retail website. I was so inspired by the Chinese Pop Art apparel designed by the China talents that I too want to use apparel as my murals.


“I ‘write’ with my eyes, so the next best thing was to be a designer.”


What is your life’s philosophy?

Life philosophies: I have too many.

But one I would like to highlight: Don't let others tell you what things are, See it for yourself. I hope people can take courage and try out. Don't let others dictate what things are, how life is based on their own experiences. It's your life, you verify it.

How has that influenced your design?

If you start questioning, you discover new things. These new things, be it colours, thoughts or forms are translated into my designs. Life is strange, and there are stranger things to be discovered.


Adelene Kwan


Tell us 3 interesting things about yourself.

I keep a teapot as pet. I have a talking and singing cat and a chinchilla who loves rock songs. Fan of samsung flip phones(2000s).

 What do you hope to achieve through StitchMob?

Live out my hammock dream. To reach out to more people who will love, be touched and inspired by my designs. Happy customers to receive quality apparel.


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