What inspires your designs?

Hmm, everything I see, hear, touch, sniff, feel and kiss ;)

Why do you want to be a designer?

I don’t know, honestly. I wanted to be a pilot but I’m not tall enough for that haha. I wanted that because I can be up or down in the sky with many passengers and experience the pressure and responsibility of flying with them.

So I looked for something that made me feel like I’m flying by balancing all aspects perfectly and I think art and design make me feel that way. If I can’t balance these compositions then the people who see my work will glean no satisfaction. So I’m still a pilot, but one who graduated from the science of advertising communication.

What is your life’s philosophy?

“Ngluruk tanpa bala, menang tanpa ngasorake, sekti tanpa aji-aji, sugih tanpa bandha”.

It's a Javanese saying which translates to “Fighting without bringing troops, winning without humiliating, authority without relying on power, rich without material things.

ZA Setiawan


How has that influenced your design?

I think my honesty is what influences my work.

Tell us 3 interesting things about yourself!

I’m a cat person, I can breakdance and I think I’m kool ;)

Which famous person would you love to design for?

Young Johnny Depp and young Winona Ryder...

Why did you join The Mob?

Because StitchMob gives anyone the opportunity to design their own clothes and market them to the world online. I love that I can put my artwork into clothing other than just T-shirts. This is a real challenge for artists and designers who are buried in the market like I am. There are many more talented artists who are looking for opportunities like this, and I hope they will join, especially those from Indonesia!

 What’s your Mob Dream?

I want to have successful campaigns and have an exhibition with other Mob designers and present our work to the rest of the world.


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