Tell your story

Who are you as a designer, where do you get your inspiration from, and what made you decide to join The Mob? Every brand and designer has a story, so don’t be afraid to tell yours! Share what matters to you and what your brand stands for to start making connections and turn your potential customers into paying ones.


Spread the word

Whether you’re launching a new brand or product, people need to know about it before they can buy it. Don’t be shy about what you’ve created, you’ve poured your heart into your creations, the right people will see it and support you. You’ll most likely be surprised at the amount of encouragement and genuine generosity you receive from people!


At StitchMob, we’ve made it the perfect place for aspiring designers to make their ideas a reality, with only a minimum order of 5 pieces needed for a campaign to be considered successful.


Shout it out on your social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) and consider sending out emails if you have a mailing list from your own website. Always be sure to include a link to your shop on StitchMob so that your audience can view and purchase your designs easily!

Budget for advertising

If you’re looking to grow your brand and business, we highly recommend setting up a Facebook page and Instagram account so that you can update your followers with new designs and start advertising to new ones. This could be in the form of interest targeted ads, or boosting your posts to your current fans’ friends. The more reach your brand has (with the right target audience), the higher the opportunity of accumulating more customers and sales!


StitchMob also features popular designs to our community via our website, social media and newsletters, as well as re-marketing ads. When you’re successful at getting people to your shop, we’ll double down on those efforts and get even more people looking at your designs.


Set your goals

Plan milestones for your campaign and continuously track them to ensure that you are on the right track. If you target to sell 20 pieces in the first week and find that you’re not on track by day 3, considering doing another marketing push - sending out a friendly reminder to your friends and family, setting up an ad for your pieces on social media, or seeking out communities you think will be interested in purchasing your design.


Ask for feedback

Every campaign should end with a post-campaign evaluation. Compile your learnings of what was done well, what should not be repeated again, and what can be improved. Do not be afraid to ask for constructive feedback. It is the best way to learn how you can improve and do better for your next campaign!


Head over to our Facebook page and hear from other Mobbers on how to run a successful campaign.