As a designer, you get one huge chance to make a connection with a potential customer and nurture relationships through your designer profile page. It is a space you can make truly your own and share with people about yourself, your designs and frankly, anything under the sun you think is interesting...

There are THREE main things for you to do before you’re fully ready to show-off your custom designs to the rest of the world.

1. Upload a profile picture

Whether a logo or a photo of yourself, you decide what works best for your brand. If your brand is quirky, a fun and eye-catching logo can be a great way for people to identify you easily. If you have a personal story to share about your designs, we recommend using a photo so people can connect with you and put a face to the amazingly creative person behind their beautiful clothes.

2. Pick a cover photo

Remember your shopfront? This works like a banner. It is the first thing that people see when they land on your page and is the perfect space to shout about your latest designs, campaigns or offers. Think about updating it regularly, so your loyal customers will always have something new greeting them whenever they visit.

3. Share your story

Everyone likes a good story. Telling people why you’re doing this, what inspires your designs and even where you’re from can create instant connections. The Mob is all about an all-inclusive community of talent creating something magical together, we love authentic people with great stories. The power of connectedness turns potential buyers to loyal customers as they become invested in you. Don’t be surprised if you amass diehard fans after a campaign, we’re truly obsessed with kickass clothes made by awesome people!

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