Accessible art that matters; from the imaginations of a global collective. 

We’re just a bunch of idealists who believe in the amazing things we humans can accomplish when we work together. 
We started with a question - what if we could bring people together from all all corners of the world, through a shared love of creativity, stories and all things beautiful? 
And then, what if that machine could that be channelled to help those MOST in need? 
That’s why we started Sapien Creations. A global platform for creative expression, that sells wall art, with a clear social vision to empower happiness in communities that need it most. 

Our platform is proud to offer something different. We seek artists from developing throngs of the world, and provide them with a platform to easily sell their designs with the click of a button. With no production, logistics, capital or insider knowledge required, we let our artists focus on what they do best. The only resources needed are a great visual story and the ambition to share this with the world. 

By bringing artists from across the world together in one place, something amazing happens. The coolest of retail experiences is created for you, the art lovers, looking for a piece of magic that you'd never find elsewhere. You, the art lovers, that help make these ideas happen.

Together, we can Empower by giving a voice to those who may not be heard.

We are United, through stories that remind us that we're not all that different.

And our company will always aim to Uplift, with a commitment to sustainable business operations and practices that make our planet a better place. 

We're not a brand, we're just a movement. Art lovers and creative sparks, unite, and be a part of something. Join us and let's bring great ideas to life together.

Limited edition lifestyle apparel, designed by independent artists.

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